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Tips for Fathers from Child Custody Lawyers

For many fathers who seek custody for their kids, there are so many questions that are usually asked. Or you to win custody, you need to get the right lawyer who will fight for your case. Though the battle for children custody can be daunting for fathers, you can win it by having the right child custody lawyer. The child custody lawyer must be aggressive for you to get a fair custody agreement which also contains best interests of the children. To make matters easier, the following are tips for you to use when you want to fight for your children custody.

To start with, you have to establish paternity of the child rather than just saying you are the father. This is because the court has to establish paternity before calling you a father to the children. This usually happens mostly when you have not officially married the mother of the children. Hence, it is good to establish paternity because there could be awkward conversations with the mother of the children. When you establish paternity, it will be difficult for the court to refuse visitations.

In addition, as a good father, you have to ensure that you pay your child support. This does not matter whether there is an official child support agreement or not, it is always wise to pay this support to the mother. When you don’t pay, then it will be hard for you to get child custody when you need it. On the other hand, make sure that you have formal agreement with the mother for the child upkeep. This ensures that there is documentation of the same. Hence, the mother cannot deny that you have been supporting the children.

At the same time, you have to keep documents and records of anything that you agree about the children. It is wise to have all them of them kept safely because you may need them later on. When it comes to documentations, make sure you have child support payments and also after school activities. If you have been paying school fees, then you have to keep the receipts safely. Also, medical receipts and any other relevant documents must be maintained so that you can use them in case of a court case.

On top this, it would be best if you can still be a good father as you can possibly be. You ought to maintain a solid relationship with the children. Make sure to attend to their events, celebrate birthdays, help them with their school work, and remain a part of their life. Also, if you happen to live alone, it is wise to have ample space foe your children when they come to visit. This will ensure that they are comfortable when they come to your home.

It would also be good to have the best and qualified child custody lawyer so that your case can be represented well in court. When all this is dome, you will be assured of winning your child support case.

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