Color me bad scene 3 - Bad santa 2 behind the scenes


Bad santa 2 behind the scenes - Color me bad scene 3

Bad santa 2 behind the scenes 1

Dec 2 2016 in this exclusiveand extraraunchyred band featurette for bad santa 2 the films stars give us a behindthescenes look at this winters most debauched holiday movie actress christina hendricks whose character runs the christmas charity the bad santa crew tries to ripoff apparently had quite a first day of filming.

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Go behind the scenes of bad santa 2 the upcoming comedy movie sequel directed by mark waters and starring billy bob thornton with those two new broll videos bad santa broll footage behind the scenes.

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However billy bob thornton was in full red and white costume as the generous gentleman in the first glimpse of him on set of the bad santa 2 in montreal on thursday the 60yearold actor looked festive in the costume as he hid his face behind a long curly white beard.

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Filmisnow movie extras channel gives you the latest and best behind the scenes footage bloopers interviews featurettes deletedalternate scenes we give.

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